nowinta Principles

Financial planning is a matter of trust. For these reasons, we have established a series of strict guidelines. With these standards in place, we are able to define the framework conditions for successful cooperation.


First-class product quality, outstanding market position and excellent rating of the product partners are prerequisites for a product recommendation. The complexity of the subject also requires knowledge of various specialist areas. This is why we have a network of specialists and experts with years of experience. This makes us a competent partner for all investment and financial issues.


Objective and good advice can only come from someone who doesn’t have links to any society and has no interests of their own. As we have no obligations towards other companies, we can prioritise the individual wishes and needs of our clients.


Successful financial planning requires a comprehensive approach. We design a tailor-made financial solution for you that takes into account personal factors such as age, marital status, risk tolerance, financial situation and individual needs.


Constantly-changing living and asset conditions, as well as market changes, make continuous support necessary. This can only be achieved through a relationship of mutual trust.